Smart AppsTM

There are many companies that want to get an overview of their current stock or want to get started with order picking, without immediately having to set up an entire system for that. We have developed our Smart AppsTM for those companies.

Of course these Smart AppsTM are web-based and you can therefore also use them on your tablet or on your smartphone. But that’s not the only thing smart about these apps; they are also flexible, well-arranged, quick and easy to use.

    Aratus Smart Inventory App™

    • Quick and easy access to stock.
    • Easy to connect with financial software.
    • Install yourself on Android smartphone and tablet.
    Aratus Smart Picking App™

    • Process warehouse orders easily.
    • Link with ERP, distribution and / or webshop applications.
    • Install yourself on Android smartphone and tablet.

    Try it yourself? That is possible, request a demo and convince yourself and your team.

    A-coreTM WMS

    When you need more functionalities, or want to get started with heavier guns, you can effortlessly scale up to our flagship product: Aratus A-core ™. A robust WMS application that has been developed by our own team and is being implemented and maintained.

    • System-driven TASK allocation.
    • Stock optimization and turnover rate.
    • Increase productivity and reduce costs.
    • Cloud based.
    • SaaS license.

    Aratus Supply Chain Apps

    A portfolio with AI-based apps for network planning and visualization in Microsoft Excel. Usability combined with advanced analytical methods and the computing power of the Cloud make it the best Supply Chain Analytics solution on the market.

    • Network optimization.
    • Center of Gravity analyzes.
    • Applicable worldwide.
    • Easy and quick to implement.
    • Real-time.
    • Lowest costs – highest flexibility – best returns!

    Aratus Smart Integration App™

    The Aratus Integration app™ is suitable for all forms of DATA traffic. Standard links are available for the various functionalities, which process and manage all types of order information.

    • Synchronize cloud-based environments.
    • Through APIs or EDIs.
    • Continuous DATA monitoring.
    On location within 24 hours

    Flexible & compatible


    Cost efficient

    Be surprised by our hands-on approach

    Whether you first want to get started with one of our free demos or immediately want to switch with our professionals, we are there for you. Need a proposal quickly? Compatibility issue? Or start immediately with a total solution? We know logistics, we know Warehouse Management Systems and we are “ready to boost your business”, do you? Call us today: +31 20 363 5652.

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