Aratus Team

Our team of highly qualified professionals has extensive experience at managerial and executivional level. The solutions that we offer vary from simple solutions to complex operations with large budgets. We know all too well that the flexibility to make small changes quickly can be just as important as delivering a first class total solution to a customer. In our company, optimization of speed and quality is a continuous process, even after the “go live”.

Friso Bakker

CEO | Founder

Friso has more than 20 years of managerial experience at leading international logistics companies. He was responsible for turn-key operations, global contracting, operations management and commercial processes.

Friso has experienced the problems of large supply chains and warehouses worldwide with the implementation of new systems. External consultants, budget overruns and serious planning problems. That should be simpler, cheaper and faster and that is now true, through the development of A-CoreTM WMS.

Alies de Graaf

Managing Partner

Alies has more than 20 years of media and MarCom experience in various positions within media agencies. Together with a team of media specialists, she was responsible for various (inter) national accounts and their media strategies.

Alies has been part of the Aratus team since July 2017. She is responsible for strategy, media and events and works closely with partner Martin and Lewis.

Alies also builds teams, so that teams with different expertises can realize assignments flawlessly.

Tomasz Dzioba


Our Tomasz has more than 20 years of experience with logistics IT projects. In addition, 15 years + experience with the design and development of logistics applications. Worldwide knowledge about different Supply Chain solutions (WMS, TMS, WCS, T & T, EDI) in different business areas.

Areas of expertise in logistics: Design and optimization of logistics IT processes, IT project management, providing training and setting up knowledge bases. Tomasz has been a member of the Aratus team since 2017.

Augus van Gils


This Frisian foodie, is a full-stack web developer with more than 15+ years of experience. His main focus is PHP, Javascript and MySQL, but he is always looking for other programming languages to keep his knowledge up to date and to broaden it. Augus always uses the latest techniques to ensure that the applications can run quickly, safely and for a long time.

Augus is also a big fan of WordPress and regularly develops customized websites with this. Augus has worked for Aratus for over half a year in 2017 and has been since November last. back to work.

Sjoerd Handovsky


Sjoerd has more than 30 years of experience in setting up and developing websites. At the age of eight, Sjoerd developed his first Popeye website. In 1999, Sjoerd broadened his knowledge and learned to develop in PHP, supplemented with MySQL.

Sjoerd is both Front and Back-end Developer with an eye for design. Together with colleague Augus, he is responsible for the further development and innovation of the A-Core WMS application. In addition to his work for his own company WebSwing, Sjoerd has been working at Aratus for more than 1.5 years.

Joanna Cook

Creative Manager

Joanna was one of the first women to step into the emerging world of the internet, then called world-wide-web. This has since increased to more than 22 years of broad IT experience. Among other things, she worked for “Demons”, where she wrote “support tools” for the corporate help desk and at Facing Facts, as a bridge builder between customer, design teams and development teams.

Joanna has been working for Aratus for over a year now, where she is involved with implementations of A-CoreTM WMS at customers.

Maurits Verzeilberg

Logistics Developer

Maurits is our newest and ambitious Aratus man, has studied technical business administration and has done internship and graduation assignments at, among others, KLM Cargo and Plasthill (producer of films).

Maurits did a 6-month exchange project at a Balinese university, where he did research into the different waste streams from the island. He enjoys analyzing processes, optimizing where possible and / or coming up with new solutions and implementing them.

In addition to becoming the best Logistics Developer, Maurits also has ambitions in the field. He is national referee for the KNHB and his dream is to be allowed to play international hockey matches in the future.

Aratus Smart AppsTM

Aratus Smart Inventory App™

Aratus Smart Picking App™

Aratus A-core™

Aratus Supply Chain Apps™

Aratus Smart Integration App™

Why Aratus?

At Aratus we devise, build and manage smart apps and handy logistics solutions. We have been doing this for years, we are good at it and we do it for everyone who keeps stock.

We have already done several successful integrations of our A-Core™ WMS and we also have a lot of migration experience with all ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft Dynamics.

By the way, we can link with any financial system, so also with Exact, Afas and Snelstart, for example. In addition, we help starting and growing SMEs and SME + and E-commerce companies with our smart and scalable apps and logistics solutions.

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