With the increase in the number of WMS apps, there is also a growing need amongst companies to efficiently (further) develop these apps, roll them out, integrate them as much as possible, and update them on a regular basis. After all, in a general sense, operational management has also ended up in an accelerated upward flow, which results, amongst other things, in high expectations and the need for swift availability of applications.

It is almost impossible to imagine, but until recently it was acceptable that the implementation of a WMS could take close to a year and sometimes even longer. In addition to this ridiculous timing, the client, in addition to purchasing the WMS application, could also count on a substantial additional investment for implementation. On top of this a WMS application was usually purchased for an average period of 10 to 15 years. So after about a year of implementation it was also not expected that the supplier of the WMS would show up every couple of months with a new release of the system.

And what to think of real-time reporting and active replenishment? These kind of requirements were non-existent and during a system update the entire operation could not be continued. Skilled programmers and software vendors have been well connected to the continuing quest for improvement by developing applications in such a way that they continue to support the operational process independently and at all times.

Fortunately, we nowadays have less to do with the rigid systems of the earlier years. Smart, flexible, and fast solutions are now used for the latest innovative WMS applications.

The team at Aratus has extensive global experience re-implement, configure and optimize all (im)possible systems shortly after the official implementation had been completed, in order to make the relevant WMS workable for clients.

Aratus A-Core WMS

Many years of experience has given our team different insights about warehouse management systems in general. All these learnings, best practices, frustrations and sometimes disbelief at the sight of the smoldering remains of what was supposed to be a succesfully implemented and operational WMS, we as Aratus have decided to bundle this knowledge and use it to develop our own A-Core WMS application. Below a selection of the long list of specifications of our A-Core WMS:

  • Scalable with latest technology
  • Simple and quick implementation (1 to 4 weeks)
  • User interface via smartphone & tablet / Android / iOS (Wi-Fi or 4G)
  • Development, implementation and support in own management
  • Flexible subscriptions and clear costs
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud / SAAS via Web-Browser / Apps
  • Guided put away & responsive replenishment
  • Predictive Slotting / Dynamic Pickbins
  • Auto upgrade & 6 releases per year
  • Integration with any ERP or Accounting software
  • Easy to configure to your own business loops and workflow management

The aforementioned developments stand or fall with the course of the processes in warehouses, such as the reception of goods and the picking orders. These steps within the operation must also be arranged efficiently, quickly and accurately. Partly due to the fast growing E-Commerce companies, including high consumer demands and 24/7 delivery promises of the relevant supplier. We will dive deeper into these steps in the operational process in a later blog.

Aratus listed in Jeroen van den Berg’s selection tool

Finally, we are proud to announce that A-Core WMS, after screening, is included in Jeroen van den Berg‘s online WMS selection tool.