Last weekend during a visit to the development team in Poland, we carried out a first pick-module test with the Microsoft Hololens on our A-Core WMS.

This Hololens is a combination of virtual reality and real life – mixed reality. The mix of these two worlds can provide considerable future efficiencies within warehouses. The Hololens can connect via Bluetooth with a finger scanner, in order to scan barcodes and QR codes in a warehouse. The prototype of the pick module looks promising in our opinion.

A big plus of the Hololens is that you can quickly and remotely get a view of a warehouse, which makes order picking more efficient. Employees also no longer need to have the various pick locations as basic knowledge. In short, the Hololens will save time and accelerate the overall work process within warehouse operations.

Conclusions about the Hololens

Aratus will continue to do tests with the Microsoft Hololens on our own A-Core WMS. In our experience, this is the first Mixed Reality device, which is also practically usable and extremely usable in warehouse operations. In addition, the added value of the Hololens was immediately noticeable within the working environment. You can move freely and at the same time interact with your surroundings. This is in contrast to Virtual Reality, where you are completely disconnected from your environment.

The Hololens currently has a price tag of € 5,000 and unfortunately a (too) short working battery of +/- 3 hours. We expect Microsoft is working on longer-lasting batteries with hot swappable application (quickly replacing the battery without restart). All in all, this Hololens has a very high chance of success and it is possible within a short period of time this could very well become a commodity in the professional warehouse operations.

At Aratus we also expect that the price of the Hololens will become more accessible. At a price of approximately € 1,000, the Microsoft Hololens will soon be used by our first clients. At the beginning of 2019 a pick module with the Hololens in our A-core WMS will be a fact.

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