Aratus: Over 25 years of knowledge and experience

The Aratus teams are specialized in rapid implementations of all existing logistics applications. We have more than 25 years of knowledge and experience with them implementation and optimization of warehouse operations for various (inter) national clients. No WMS application is unknown to us and our teams are experienced and specialized in fast configurations and implementations.

Aratus develops, configures, implements and maintains everything in-house. So no expensive consultancy processes. Thanks to our many years of experience, we are able to quickly make improvements and optimizations in the logistics chain.

All this implementation experience has also led to the development of our own Aratus A-core WMS application. This has translated into a solid and long-term solution.

Aratus Smart ProductsTM

Aratus Smart Inventory App™

Aratus Smart Picking App™

Aratus A-core™

Aratus Supply Chain Apps™

Aratus Smart Integration App™

Aratus Smart Apps™

Do you want to be able to quickly start your inventory management or order picking yourself, but you don’t feel like bulging systems and months of implementation processes? Then our Smart Apps™ are what you are looking for!

What do you think of our Aratus Smart Inventory App™: always an overview of your current stock. Or do you want to get started right away with order picking? That is also possible; with our Aratus Smart Picking App™. On your tablet or your smart phone? No problem. Flexible, well-arranged, fast and solid.

Aratus A-core™ WMS

When you need more functionalities, or want to get started with heavier guns, you can effortlessly scale up to our flagship product: Aratus A-core ™. A robust WMS application that has been developed by our own team and is being implemented and maintained.

Are you more someone who first wants to analyze, visualize or optimize within a new or existing warehouse, then choose our Supply Chain Apps.

This way you only choose what you need, you can get started quickly and you know that you can grow effortlessly with our team of professionals on standby.

Be surprised by our hands-on approach

Whether you first want to get started with one of our free demos or immediately want to switch with our professionals, we are there for you. Need a proposal quickly? Compatibility issue? Or start immediately with a total solution? We know logistics, we know Warehouse Management Systems and we are “ready to boost your business”, do you? Call us today: +31 20 363 5652.

On location within 24 hours

Flexible & compatible


Cost efficient

Speed ​​up your Warehouse to 2020 with A-Core WMS

Speed ​​up your Warehouse to 2020 with A-Core WMS

With the increase in the number of WMS apps, there is also a growing need amongst companies to efficiently (further) develop these apps, roll them out, integrate them as much as possible, and update them on a regular basis. After all, in a general sense, operational...

First impression Microsoft Hololens

First impression Microsoft Hololens

Last weekend during a visit to the development team in Poland, we carried out a first pick-module test with the Microsoft Hololens on our A-Core WMS. This Hololens is a combination of virtual reality and real life – mixed reality. The mix of these two worlds can...

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